Four Signs You Need to Hire a Scissor Lift for Your Project

Access equipment is essential if you need to reach an out-of-the-way spot for construction work, painting, tree trimming or a long list of other tasks. However, if you've never hired access equipment in the past, you may be wondering what type of equipment is right for you. Here are four signs you should hire a scissor lift.

1. You Need to Work High But Not Too High

A scissor lift lets you access heights, but even the tallest scissor lift in the world can only get you to 13.8 metres. If you need to access a point that is high but not higher than that, a scissor lift is perfect.

Keep in mind that number represents the reach of the highest scissor lift in the world. In most cases, your local hire company may have machinery that doesn't have quite that reach — call an access equipment hire company for details on available options.

2. You Want a Large Platform

Scissor lifts are renowned for having large platforms. These platforms tend to hold more people and more equipment than a boom lift. That can save a lot of time and allow your workers to focus on the job at hand rather than going up and down constantly to get more supplies.

3. You Can't Access the Project From Above

In some cases, you can use a suspended platform to access the area where you need to work. Commonly used by window washers, these platforms are lowered from the roof of a completed building, but they are also used in construction when you already have the frame in place.

However, if you don't have anything to suspend the platform from, that is not an option. In this case, you need to start on the ground, and a scissor lift may be the right option.

4. You Only Need Vertical Lifting

Scissor lifts go straight up and down. You find the spot below where the work needs to be done, you position the scissor lift, and then, you raise it and get to work. If your job is straightforward like that, a scissor lift is ideal.

On the other hand, if you have identified a spot for the access equipment, but the bucket or work platform needs to be lifted off center around that area, you may need an articulating boom instead. That can get you around obstacles that a scissor lift wouldn't be able to handle.

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