Expert Inspection Tricks to Use Before Purchasing a Used Forklift

Whether you are retrieving pallets at your warehouse, shifting bundles of wood at a site project or unloading lots of cargo from containers, a forklift is one of the most essential pieces of equipment to handle such duties. Purchasing a used forklift may be an economical decision to help you cut down on costs of getting a new one. However, it could either be a great idea for your project or the worst nightmare of your life. You deserve to get value for your money regardless of the amount spent on purchasing the forklift. Check some inspection factors to look out for when going for a used forklift.

How frequently will you use the forklift?

If your schedule involves regular use of the forklift for multiple hours on a daily basis, you may have to reconsider the decision of purchasing a used one. Purchasing used equipment in this case will save you a lot of bucks up front but may cost you more in the end due to regular breakdowns and maintenance demands.

Do you have a good mechanic to inspect the components?

You will need a qualified and reputable mechanic to perform various inspection tasks before approving the purchase of the equipment. Some of the inspections to be done should include:

Mast and Forks

Your mechanic should begin the inspection by viewing the front section of the lift. The forks should be checked for bends, cracks, or any other distortions that might have been caused through overloading. The forks should be straightened for minor bends. Be wary of deep cracks on the forks since this can be unsafe when the forklift carries its full capacity.

Cowling, Frame and Canopy

The mechanic must walk around the forklift to inspect its body for any signs of damage. The canopy and cowling should be checked for bends and damages which affect its ability to protect the operator in the event of load rollover. The integrity of the side screens must also be checked to ensure that there are no missing or damaged windows.

Lift chain, Cylinders and Mast Rails

Mast rails must be checked for any welds and cracks that could affect its structural integrity. Signs of excessive wear on mast rollers such as compressed oval shape instead of round shape must be inspected and corrected. Finally, the length of the lift chain must be followed to note any damages and missing links.

How reputable is your dealer?

A reputable dealer will not compromise their business by selling you a forklift that is in bad shape. Do a detailed research to come up with a dealer who is well known with a good business track history.

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