The Way To Ensure Your Business Has Solid Pipes

There are many building regulations that govern how you can build your business in Australia. From certain height restrictions to the size of your stairs, there are regulations that direct how almost anything is built. What you may not have realised is that these regulations extend to systems you can't even see; namely your pipes. Plumbing is such an important part of every business and it is key that yours is able to withstand the onslaught it will get over the life of your property. 

The Tool That Makes Testing Easy

Luckily there is a tool that makes checking your pipes easy: test plugs. Test plugs are small devices that are built to fit within your pipes (they come in many shapes and sizes). They are then generally expanded (usually with air) so that the pipe becomes watertight. After this water is pumped into the pipe until it reaches a certain pressure threshold when it is switched off. The water is generally allowed to sit in the pipes for a period of time to ensure that the pipes can keep their structural stability long term. Often a few hours is all you need for test plugs to be effective and then the test plugs are deflated and the water is released. 

What Is This Test For?

Test plugs are useful for checking two things:

  • The pressure your pipes can handle: during the course of its lifetime, your pipes will undergo some heavy usage. They need to be able to handle a significant amount of pressure to be safe in businesses. 
  • Check for leaks: by using test plugs to block the main exit for the water you can test if there are any small leaks in the rest of your pipes system. These leaks would otherwise go unnoticed and could cause major structural problems with an extended amount of water let loose in your business.

How Do I Get My Pipes Tested?

It is relatively easy to organise a professional to come with their pipe test equipment and ensure that your building is up to scratch. It is not advised that you undergo a test like this on your own unless you have the proper certifications. Test plugs might be easy to use for beginners but they require an expert touch to really use well. Many plumbers and industry specialists will advertise that they can conduct pipe testing and often a plumber will do it as they are installing your system. If you are getting new pipes installed then remind them that they should undergo testing as well.

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