Two Reasons Hiring Is Better Than Buying

Are you thinking about buying an excavator? If you are carrying out some building work and need to dig foundations to level an area before work can commence, investing in an excavator can seem like a good idea. Having an excavator of your own helps you to avoid regular hiring fees and should mean that the digger is available whenever you need it for as long as you need it. However, there are often good reasons to choose excavator hire instead of buying a digging machine. Here are two reasons to arrange excavator hire rather than buying a digger.

Buying an excavator leads to ongoing costs 

It's tempting to view an excavator purchase as a one-off cost and excavator hire as an ongoing expense, but that isn't true. Buying an excavator certainly has an upfront cost, but that is only the beginning of the expenses. When you buy an excavator, you must find somewhere to store it until it is needed. You must also store the excavator after the job is finished, and storage costs money. You must rent a site that can accommodate heavy equipment or reduce the remaining storage capacity at your existing site to allow space for the excavator. In addition to storage costs, you must consider ongoing maintenance costs. When you arrange excavator hire, you can be confident that the excavator has been well-maintained, and the hiring company will take care of any problems that develop. If you own the excavator, you must either pay for a maintenance contract or deal with any problems with your team.

Why not sell the excavator when the job is over? 

Sometimes, you might consider buying an excavator and selling it to another company when you no longer need it. However, selling an excavator isn't easy. You will need someone to place the advertisement and monitor replies. There must also be someone to supervise people who come to inspect the excavator before purchasing it. In addition, there will be the associated costs of placing the advertisement along with the time of your employees. You must also consider how much money any sale could make. The value of any machinery decreases over time, so you are unlikely to receive the same amount as you initially paid for the excavator. Overall, the low excavator hire fees could amount to less than the costs involved in buying an excavator, storing it and then selling it. Excavator hire is more convenient and easier than buying an excavator.

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