Advantages of Using Crushed Rocks in Your Construction Projects

While sand has often been used traditionally as a primary construction material, homeowners are now shifting their focus and adopting crushed rock gravel due to its numerous benefits. It's an ideal material for designing walkways, stunning focal points and islands. Crushed rock gravel provides numerous advantages to many construction projects than most conventional materials. Whether you are running a building, landscaping or hardscaping project, here are some top advantages of choosing crushed rock for your construction.

Excellent Drainage 

Ensuring proper drainage on your construction site helps eliminate excess water that might compromise your project's success. Crushed rocks are ideal construction materials to use in such scenarios. Their superior drainage qualities come from their irregularly shaped grains. Such irregular shapes provide gaps and cracks that enhance water seepage, which, in turn, helps direct the water away from your construction site. 

Also, crushed rocks are solid enough to allow proper stability, and you can walk over them without slipping. Some homeowners might add wet dust to crushed rocks to compact and allow for a more hardened surface. However, you can also wash the crushed gravel to eliminate the dust and achieve excellent drainage. 

Makes the Ideal Base Material

Any construction project relies on a stable foundation. Mixing crushed rocks and stone dust prevents smooth drainage. For that reason, it is a suitable material to use when constructing your building's base foundation. Crushed rocks are, therefore, ideal for building concrete roads, driveways and walkways. Their durability helps add more strength and quality to your foundation's sub-base. 

Cost-Effective Construction Material

When conducting a landscaping or hardscaping project, the cost of materials required can put a massive dent in your budget. However, crushed rocks always prove to be the more cost-effective materials you can find in the market. Unlike ground materials, opting for crushed rocks can considerably save you more money in several ways. They are relatively cheaper and have lower installation and maintenance costs. 

Quick Ready-Mix Concrete Aggregate 

When running a construction project, mixing the concrete on your construction site can be challenging. However, you can have a specific quantity of ready-mix delivered and ready for use on your site. Ready-mix concrete is made from crushed rock aggregates, sand and cement, and it is advantageous because of the uniformity and high-quality batches delivered. Most concrete manufacturing plants store significant quantities of crushed rocks in different sizes. Therefore, you are sure of getting any quality ready-mix for your construction project. 

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