Ensure Workplace Safety: Why You Need Height Safety Equipment Inspections

If your employees scale great heights with their heavy construction equipment, you need to take steps to ensure that proper safety standards are adhered to. Part of those safety standards involves the required height safety equipment inspections. Whenever your employees scale the heights, it's important that they're using the appropriate height safety equipment. Unfortunately, if that equipment is not well-maintained, or it malfunctions during use, you could be putting your workers' lives at risk.

That's where height safety equipment inspections come into the picture. If your height safety equipment hasn't undergone a safety inspection in a while, now's the time to get that scheduled. If you're not sure why you need the inspection, read the list provided below. You'll find three important reasons to schedule a height safety equipment inspection right away. 

Avoid Penalties and Fines 

When you operate any type of industrial business in Australia, you're required by law to follow certain safety regulations. Failure to do so could put you at risk for penalties and fines. In addition to those, there may be other legal ramifications that come from not following the appropriate safety regulations. To avoid the penalties, it's important that you schedule the necessary height safety equipment inspections in a timely manner. Be sure to mark the date in your calendar after each inspection. That way, you don't miss the deadline for your safety inspections. 

Ensure Equipment Safety

If your workers utilise height safety equipment as part of their job requirements, it's important that the equipment is in good condition. If the equipment is being used on a daily basis, the wear and tear could be quite significant, which is why safety inspections are so important. Mandatory equipment inspections for your height safety equipment help to ensure that the equipment is safe for use. 

However, in addition to the mandatory safety inspections, you should also be conducting daily inspections on your own. One way to do that is to have your equipment operators inspect their height safety equipment before and after each use. That way, safety issues can be addressed before they pose a risk to your employees. 

Maintain Proper Record

When you own your own business, you're responsible for accurate record-keeping practices. If you're not scheduling your height safety equipment inspections, your safety records might not be as accurate as they should be. One way to ensure accuracy is to keep up-to-date on your height safety equipment inspections. Be sure to update your records after each inspection.

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