5 Reasons Why Mulching is the Best Land Clearing Method

Whether you are clearing land for a new building project or simply improving it ahead of selling the land, mulching can be the best land clearing option available. 

1. Quick and Effective

If time isn't on your side, then you want to avoid clearing methods like bulldozing. This method can take weeks, especially if there are lots of trees and stumps that must be dug out. Mulching can be done quite quickly with minimal equipment. There's no need to dig out stumps since mulching the trees kills the stumps so they can decompose naturally. 

2. Cost Savings

Clearing land for a project can be very expensive. Traditional methods may involve costs for bulldozing, as well as disposal of the brush. Burning may require costly permits and environmental surveys. Mulching is quick, which lowers labor costs, and there are no disposal fees at the end of the process since the mulch is left on the land to naturally decompose. There may also be fewer bureaucratic and safety permitting costs for mulching when compared to more dangerous clearing methods such as burning.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Stripping land clear of all vegetation can lead to major issues, such as topsoil loss and the loss of all nutrients and life in the soil. Mulching is much less invasive than burning or bulldozing. The brush and trees are turned into mulch, which composts down and maintains the quality of the soil. This has a much smaller impact on neighboring ecosystems as well as on the cleared land itself.

4. Erosion Prevention

Erosion is a major issue when all the trees and brush are cleared from the land. Wind and rain will cause soil loss and uneven terrain, which makes it harder to utilize the land in the future. Mulching leaves just enough organic matter on the soil surface to slow erosion. Further, the topsoil and the anchoring network of roots it contains are undisturbed, so water trickles slowly through the ground instead of eroding it away.

5. Increased Value

If you hope to sell the property at some point, then land clearing increases the value as it is one less step for the buyer. Since mulching already provides cost savings over other land clearing methods, you will be able to benefit from this increase in value more readily since very little of the value increase will be spent on clearing the land. 

Contact a land clearing and mulching service if you would like to learn more.

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